11Dec 2023
Person in charge of the van was accommodating and pleasant to work with.
J. Davis
20Jul 2023
I could hardly believe it when this removal company gave me the quote for my move. Kingston Removal gave me an unbelievably low price in comparison to what I was being offered by other firms. I immediately booked them in.
Iona J
20Mar 2018
When I first called Kingston Removal, my initial impression was fantastic. They gave the impression of being an understanding, professional, experienced moving company. They certainly didn't give a false account of themselves. Of course, I booked with them, and when the team arrived on moving day they were professional to the core. It was an amazing service, one that I couldn't have done without. Big props to the team I had the pleasure of meeting and the company as a whole.
Mark A.
28Aug 2017
I always supported the idea that handling a do-it-yourself move is the best option, but not anymore. I hired Removal Firm Kingston 2 weeks ago. The professionals in this company were the best. They were polite and cooperative. I expected a delay in the move, but they worked tirelessly to ensure that the relocation was on time. Moreover, unlike my believe that hiring these professionals is expensive, they are worth every coin.
Katie Spencer
27May 2015
Moving to Uni was going to take a lot of work. I had lots of stuff to move to my new accommodation and I couldn't do it myself. The man and van service offered by Removal Firm Kingston was exactly what I needed, so I hired them. Their movers came and helped me shift my things and then drove them to my new flat. They worked quickly and the work was done professionally. Hopefully the rest of my time at Uni will go this well.
Terry Bryan
08May 2015
Trying to find the time to organise a house move when you have a job and kids and are on your own isn't easy, let alone the actual moving part of it! My friend told me about Kingston Removal and said they had handled her house move and she'd been completely delighted with the service! So I called them right away and from that call onwards, it all became very easy! They know the area so well and have a great reputation for customer service and I can confirm that they are definitely worth the praise!
Debbie W.
25Jun 2014
The entire staff at RemovalsKingston were brilliant from the start! Due to unforeseen circumstances we had short notice that we had to move. However RemovalsKingston sorted everything out in a professional manner, their excellent and trained staff were very quick and efficient on the day of the move. They handled our belongings with extreme care and attention and everything went smoothly. They say moving is a stressful time in your life, I don't think so, now that I ended up hiring this company.
Mr. Briggs
02Jun 2014
In the process of moving in with my girlfriend and she was stressing the life out of me because I have so much stuff, I'm not the best when it comes to being organised and although she had all of her things well organised and ready to go, mine was a different matter, it was an utter shambles. Anyway I want to thank RemovalsKingston for saving my day and saving the massive headache from the Mrs, if it weren't for this company I would have been homeless by now , I can actually sleep in my bed tonight!
Robert Y.
29Apr 2014
I am so grateful to the whole team over at RemovalsKingston for all of the help which they were able to do for me recently. The help with they provided really made a difference when it came to sorting out the very best ways in which I could move home, they covered every eventuality and made sure that I had the best possible solution to all of my moving needs. Next time I am looking to move home, or whenever any of my friends are considering it, I shall insist that this company be there to help.
Thomas O.
05Mar 2014
I've moved a few times over the years, but I'm not sure I've ever done so as easily as I have with the help of RemovalsKingston. They did everything they could to make it easier for me, including making sure that the price was far lower than anything anyone else was offering. In regards to the move itself, I've never gone through so stress free a move, and everything I own made it there safely. Great removals at great prices? What more could you ask for. I will certainly be suggesting their services to everyone I know, so that more people can benefit.
07Feb 2014
My move was really simple, even though I thought it would be a load of hassle. The team at RemovalsKingston made sure that they were with me all the way, from the quote to the unloading, making sure that everything in my life was moved in the best possible manner. When it comes to that, I've been let down by removals firms in the past, so I'm really happy to recommend them to anyone who might ever be in need of some sort of removals service. Really professional, cost effective solutions and a friendly and polite team across the board.
Ralph Butler
22Jan 2014
The last time I hired a removal van I found myself having to pay a lot of unforeseen costs that I hadn't been made aware of. Even though I thought I'd been getting a really inexpensive service, I found myself being bombarded with costs that I just hadn't seen coming, and I was more than eager to avoid this happening this time! A friend told me about RemovalsKingston and - after double checking their prices and terms and conditions - I found myself in great hands! I got a brilliant removal van that was perfect for me and it was really cheap as well!
Alex Lee